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Project Description
Interop between Silverlight and the javascript based on jQuery. The syntax used in Silverlight is as close as posible to the jQuery syntax.

Examles of regular jQuery expressions:

    jQuery("span:last").offset({left : 10, top : 100}); 
    jQuery("div").css("border","3px solid red");

jLight in Silvelight:
    jQuery.Select("span:last").Offset(new {left = 10, top = 100 }); 
    jQuery.Select("div").Css("border","3px solid red");

But, with jLight you can interop between C# and javascipt. The code below runs thru each textbox and adds its value to a textbox.
    jQuery.Select("input:text").Each((a, b) =>
                        textBox1.Text += jQueryObject.FromObject(a).Val();
                        return false;

here's a demo of that interop.

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